About Happy Healing arts wellness center


Happy Healing Arts is a wellness center located in Norfolk, MA offering a broad range of holistic and therapeutic healing modalities to help restore balance, wellness and to promote positive personal change. We’ve created a warm, compassionate, healing environment that is welcoming to people of all ages. It is a special place for both individuals and groups to come experience our various modalities and enjoy the benefits that they provide.


Jen Keefe

Jen is an Intuitive Artist, Medium, Wellness Practitioner, Ordained Minister and Spiritual Teacher. She has worked in the Healing Arts for several years, learning and evolving through the study and practice of many different modalities, all of which she integrates into her work at HHA. Jen enjoys sharing her gifts, skills and knowledge to help transform the lives of others, while opening more awareness to the happiness that naturally resides within each and every one of us.


"Happy Healing Arts is a place I look forward to visiting. While there, you will find many ways to express yourself through art and creativity, that does not require any particular skill. I've had a lot of fun creating collages, crystal grids, and playing with paint on canvas, and in ornaments! Its a great place to discover, learn, and enjoy yourself. It is a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere, and most of all, very original. Happy Healing Arts, to me, is a unique creative outlet, with a wide variety of workshops and events to offer. I'm so happy to participate!"

Evan W.

"What an amazing experience. I highly recommend doing this."

Steven F.

"Just finished a fluid art session and it exceeded my expectations. I had such a nice, relaxing experience and was thrilled with my final result. Jen creates an environment that encourages your creative freedom and offers just the right amount of guidance. Which is saying something for me as I don’t consider myself artistically inclined. It was such a positive experience, and I highly recommend Happy Healing Arts as a whole. Thank you!"

Lindsey M.