Art Classes

Art Classes are a wonderful therapeutic tool to help heal, relax, balance the mind and de-stress. Both meditative and fun, art classes allow you to re-connect, express yourself and heal on a deep level. 

For your convenience, you can select from any of our pre-scheduled class dates, or you can schedule the date and time of your choosing (based upon availability) for a Paint Party of two, or more. Other options may also be available to hold your painting classes in another location, both within and outside the Norfolk/ Franklin/ Walpole area.

Please let us know in advance how many in your party plan to attend, so we can have the appropriate amount of supplies/ materials available.  You may call, or text 508-243-8568, or email:

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Art classes

Creative Clay Time


In our Creative Clay Time art classes you get to create your own beautiful handmade trinket bowl! You will learn the basics of rolling out and cutting clay, and will have the opportunity to explore various textures and shapes to incorporate into your project. You will be given basic instruction, but are always encouraged to follow your own creative spirit. Once dry (approx.2 days), you can come back to one of our painting classes at no additional charge, to paint your gorgeous piece of art, or if you prefer, you can take it home to paint on your own.   

90 minutes

25 pp


Mandala Dot Art


Have you tried Mandala Dot Art? It's easy, meditative, fun and just a little addictive! 

In this art class you will learn to draw your own Mandala, and paint it with beautiful colored dots to create intricate geometric compositions.

 *Learn the basics of how to make uniform, circular dots in various sizes 

* Learn how to layer the colored dots to create 


*Work on canvas board, or acid free paper board to create your beautiful design



Open Art Studio


Have an art project that you've been procrastinating, waiting for inspiration to strike, or perhaps you're ready to create something new? 

Open Art Studio is a creative space to come together with other creative individuals. Be in the energy of like minded people, share ideas, and get into the flow of your project, while having fun!

In these art classes, you are welcome to bring your own supplies along with any projects that aren't too messy (call in advance if you have questions).
We have lots of supplies available to you as well, such as canvas, artist paper, various water soluble paints, pastels, pencils, markers, etc. 

All at no extra cost!

$15 per hour


Art journaling


Art Journaling is a great tool for self discovery and self expression. You can come back again, and again, while always learning something new! In these Art classes, you will allow yourself to focus on shapes, images, colors, patterns and words from magazines, to use as the foundation of your art. 

You will then develop your artwork by incorporating paint, various brush strokes, textures, writing, etc. This type of expression reveals insight and becomes a beautiful piece of art created by you! 

You can come to these painting classes alone, or bring friends for a paint party.

All supplies and materials included.

90 minutes



Fluid Art Painting "The Dirty Pour"


Our Fluid Art Painting classes are relaxing, easy and FUN for everyone! If you don’t feel artistically inclined, don’t worry! This type of art almost creates itself... all you have to do is “go with the flow!” This process is more about the journey of creating then it is about the end result, but they really are beautiful! 

What makes our Fluid Art painting classes so unique? Your art is your own personal self expression, so you won't walk away with the same painting as everyone else! 

When your painting is complete, your host will "read" the energy of your painting (optional), and bring through information and guidance that relates to your life. 

What you can expect when you arrive?

Class typically begins with a short guided meditation, followed by, step by step Fluid Art instruction. All Fluid Art Paintings are applied on canvas and once dry, will be ready for pick up (usually takes 2 days to dry). 

Our Fluid Art painting classes are a unique and fun experience, perfect for you, or your next paint party!



Fluid Art is currently half price for kids ages 6 and up, when accompanied by an adult who is also participating in the class.  There must be a 1 /1 parent -child ratio

*Please contact in advance if you plan to bring children under 12

1 hour $30 pp


Fluid Art Paint Party


What's even better than a Fluid Art painting class? Sharing the experience with your friends at a paint party!

We offer pre-scheduled paint party events, or you can schedule your own paint party for your next special occasion, at your time of choice (dependent upon availability).


More Art Classes...

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Hosting a Party, Event, or Fundraiser


Hosting  a Birthday Celebration, Girl's Night Out, Bachelorette Party, Team Building  Event, or Fundraiser in, or around the Norfolk/Franklin/Walpole area? 

With advance notice, our space is available to rent for your private function, paint party or event .

We can put together the perfect package of art classes, painting classes and/or services for your occasion, and help you create a successful and meaningful experience with long lasting memories! 

Feel free to contact us for a free, no obligation consultation.

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