During the school year, our Art classes for kids take place Tuesday through Friday from 3:30-5:30pm. No prior Art experience is needed for any of our kid's activities, which creates the perfect no pressure, atmosphere  for you to relax, explore your world of artistic expression and have fun!

All that is required is the ability to listen , follow basic instruction and sit while instruction is being provided. Our Art classes for kids are typically geared toward ages 14 and up.  If you are new to Happy Healing Arts, a parent, or guardian must fill out the appropriate consent forms in order for you to participate. These forms are available by request at Happy Healing Arts in Norfolk, MA. 

Here are just a few of the benefits you might look forward to, as you participate in our kids activities and crafts for kids at 

Happy Healing Arts wellness and retreat center.

*Reduce Stress   *Promote relaxation   *Helps with depression and anxiety   *Instills self confidence  *Helps with insomnia   *Balances the mind and emotions to better cope with daily life   *Helps to improve social skills

*Opens your intuition   *Opens you to more creativity and inspiration   *Promotes overall wellbeing   

Art Classes for Kids

Creative Clay Time


Creative Clay Time is one of our most fun crafts for kids! In these art classes you get to create your own beautiful handmade trinket bowl to hold all your little keepsakes and treasures! You will learn the basics of rolling out and cutting clay. You will also have the opportunity to explore various textures and shapes to incorporate into your project. Once dry, you will paint your gorgeous piece of art with all your favorite colors! 

75 minutes

25 pp


Chakra Crystal Clearing

Chakra Crystal Grid

Chakras are like little invisible spinning wheels, or energy centers that run vertically down through the center of your body. There are seven main chakras, which all serve a different purpose in keeping us healthy and balanced. Keeping your Chakras  cleared and aligned, help you to feel well balanced emotionally, mentally and physically. 

In our Chakra Crystal Clearing Art classes, you will learn more about the 7 Chakras and how they relate to your overall well being. You will then follow along on a guided meditation, to scan and clear your own Chakras and create a Crystal healing tool that you can continue to use for clearing.

All supplies and materials included. 

90 minutes



Art Journaling


We have several kids activities to explore, but Art Journaling is a great tool for self discovery and self expression. You can come back again, and again, while always learning something new! In these Art classes, you will allow yourself to focus on shapes, images, colors, patterns and words from magazines, to use as the foundation of your art. 

You will then develop your artwork by incorporating paint, various brush strokes, textures, writing, etc. This type of expression reveals insight and becomes a beautiful piece of art created by you! 

All supplies and materials included.

90 minutes



Fluid Art Painting


In our Fluid Art Painting classes, we use the “Dirty Pour” method, which is relaxing, easy and FUN for everyone! If you don’t feel artistically inclined, don’t worry! This type of art almost creates itself... all you have to do is “go with the flow!” This process is more about the journey of creating then it is about the end result, but they really are cool! 

1 hour



Workshops & Retreats

Exploring Art


Exploring Art requires no artistic experience and is open to all levels. This is a wonderful form of  self expression that is both expansive and empowering! This art class can help you to gain insight, and can also provide you with many benefits, helping you to:

*Gain self trust *Boost self confidence/self esteem *Balance the mind and emotions to better cope with daily life *Reduce stress *improve social skills *Open your intuition *Open you up to more creativity and inspiration in life  & Feel good about you!

Each class begins with a short guided meditation to tap into your own inner resources, and to help you release any expectations of the end product (as this is all about the journey). The meditation is followed by basic instruction for your art exploration. Along the way, you will be provided with nurturing guidance and perhaps a new perspective on art. This is a mini retreat for the soul.

 90 minutes $30pp


Create a Crystal Mandala


Create a beautiful  and powerful piece of art for yourself, or as a gift for that special someone in your life!

In this class, you will learn to create a Crystal Mandala using Sacred Geometry. 

Sacred Geometry is an ancient and powerful, spiritual tool that can be used for many different purposes such as setting life intentions, manifesting goals/dreams,  enhancing meditations, and more. 

In this art class you will:

*Learn how to create your own energetic Crystal Mandala

*Intuitively choose your own crystals to place on  your Mandala

*Initiate and activate your highest goals & intentions. 

*Gain insight for yourself, begin to manifest your dreams and more! 

*Learn how to Charge your Mandala to activate.

*Leave with your grid fully charged, matted and ready to be framed. Display in your sacred space, home or office, and use it in your meditations.


2 hours $65pp


Art & Soul


You know that little voice inside? It speaks to you in many different ways to help you navigate life with ease, but it can be very subtle, and sometimes almost undetectable. However, when you take the time to tune in, it's messages become very clear! 

In this art class, we will use a collage technique to "turn up the volume" on what your inner voice has been trying to tell you. You will leave this class with a beautiful frame worthy piece of art, as well as spiritual guidance and insight from your soul's perspective. 



90 mins $30pp  


Yoga Mat Painting


Take your yoga, and/or meditation to the next level and paint your own yoga mat! This is a fun, creative and intuitive mini retreat, where you'll tune into your highest vibrations of creative soul guidance and intuitively paint the information that comes to you. Developed to enhance your Yoga and Meditation experience

All supplies/materials are included, including yoga mat.


2 hours $65pp