Happiness Coaching Services

Spiritual Guidance


Spiritual Guidance sessions are particularly helpful if you are searching for more meaning in life, if you are experiencing feelings of disconnection, isolation and/or abandonment. 

These coaching services are also very beneficial to those coping with dependency issues (when coupled with other forms of treatment), or if you have already gone through treatment and wish for added support.

In this private session, we will work together on resolving the issue, or challenge at hand ,using  integrative Healing Arts therapies in conjunction with Spiritual guidance.  

1 hour  $75

3 Sessions $199


Mindset Transformation Coaching


Did you know that your outer world and circumstances are directly influenced by what's happening inside you? Your thoughts, beliefs and experiences, all set the stage for how your life unfolds. 

Our Mindset Transformation Coaching services will help you to release outdated beliefs, patterns, limiting behaviors,  fears, or those "old stories" stuck on replay, and can help you direct your life in an intentional and  purposeful manner, 

In your free consultation, we will discuss the area(s) of life that you are seeking to improve upon, and begin to plan an achievable strategy to move you forward.

In your Mindset Transformation Coaching session(s) we will put your strategy plan into action and work with Healing Arts techniques and therapies to help you create the life you've always dreamed about! 

These coaching sessions are for you if:

*you are repeating unhealthy life patterns

*self sabotaging behavior limits, or disables you

*your "old stories" keep you feeling stuck

*fear holds you back in life

*you want to experience a fuller life

1 hour $75

3 Sessions $199