Meditation Classes

Meditation is the key to bringing balance into your life. Unfortunately, it can leave many people feeling discouraged for various reasons. Some wonder if they are doing it right, while others feel fidgety, can't sit still and can't stop the thoughts from running through their mind.

Our meditation classes are a perfect way to introduce, or re-introduce  meditation into your life, or perhaps even deepen your existing meditation practice. 

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Meditation 101


Want to meditate, but not sure how? Perhaps you've tried, but instead of becoming centered and peaceful, you wound up feeling completely frustrated!
Two of the most common challenges people face when it comes to meditation is either you feel like you can't sit still, or you feel like you can't still the mind.
These are perfectly normal responses to have, as we have become conditioned to a world of overstimulation.

Meditation is probably one of the best forms of self care you can give to yourself, and a regular practice will help you to navigate through life a whole lot easier!
Join us for a discussion on this topic and learn all you need to know about meditation and what might work best for you. Discussion will be followed by a guided meditation, so you will leave feeling relaxed, centered and peaceful.
1 hour $20pp


White Space Meditation


White space within, is the goal for this group meditation. As you enter the studio, you will notice the stresses of life begin to wash away by the warm and welcoming atmosphere, as soothing music, sounds and the scent of aromatherapy fills the air. 

Once the meditation begins, you will be led into peaceful "white space" with wonderful guided imagery, to relax the body and calm the mind even further. You will then be available to go as deep into your meditation as you desire. At the end of the meditation, you will be gently guided back to the awareness of your surroundings, feeling peaceful, recharged and ready to go about your day  

1 hour $10pp