Mediumship readings can have a beneficial affect on our lives. They can help us heal and grow in profound ways, mentally, emotionally spiritually, and sometimes even physically. Through Mediumship we are able to gain insight to illuminate our path, connect with loved one's who have passed, and validate that we are never alone

Through Mediumship, your trained practitioner will tap into their intuition and connect with those in the Spirit world, who wish to communicate with you. This communication could be with loved one's who have passed, Ancestors, Angels, Guides, Divine Beings, etc. Your practitioner will bring through messages, guidance and/or validation, and in some cases may offer psychic information that could benefit your overall well being. 

Mediumship Services

Card Readings


Card Readings are a beautiful and gentle way to receive guidance from the Angelic beings in Spirit who support and love you unconditionally. This type of mediumship is preformed by reading specific cards pulled from a deck, as well as by reading any psychic information available. Your practitioner will bring through uplifting messages and Divine guidance to help answer questions you might have, and to offer you support on your life path.

30 min $50   1 hour $75


Akashic records


The Akashic Records, also known as, "The book of life" contain a vibrational record of every soul and it's journey through time.

The primary experience of being in the Akashic Record is one of being both known and loved from the perspective of your soul from which perceptions, awareness, and insights not commonly available, come naturally. Through Mediumship, Akashic Record readings can address practical day-to-day concerns such as relationships, health, money, work, creative expression, family of origin, your contribution in the world, and other similar questions we all have about life. Being in the richness of the Records can help people in every area of life. 

1 hour $75


Spirit Art Mediumship


In these interactive Mediumship readings, Jen connects with the Spirit's energy that holds the highest vibration for you in that moment (this could be a loved one, Guide, Angel, etc.). Jen will use her intuition and psychic abilities to draw their portrait, or any meaningful symbol(s) that come through for you, along with relaying messages, validations, and/or guidance. The meaningful graphite drawing becomes a beautiful keepsake, for you to take home.

1 hour $110