15 Rockwood Road, Norfolk, Massachusetts 02056, United States

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Happy Healing Arts

Healing arts, wellness & Retreat center in Norfolk, MA.

Healing arts, wellness & Retreat center in Norfolk, MA.

Healing arts, wellness & Retreat center in Norfolk, MA.Healing arts, wellness & Retreat center in Norfolk, MA.

Mediumship Classes and Events

Mediumship connects you to the Spirit Realm and those in the Spirit Realm (loved one's who have passed, Angels, Guides, etc.) With patience and persistence, you can learn to communicate with the other side yourself, all you need is the desire and determination. We are all born with this gift and absolutely no one is excluded from it. It is your birthright!

Our Mediumship classes and events will help you find your way toward making these beautiful and meaningful connections. 

Join our Meetup group to stay up to date on all of our classes, workshops and events. Membership is free and you will learn about any last minute changes, or openings.

Mediumship Classes and Events

Intuitive & Spiritual Connections


Explore your intuitive powers and connect to the Spirit Realm! 

We all have intuitive gifts and they vary from person to person. Developing these gifts, can be beneficial to you in many ways, from healing through connection with your loved ones who have passed, to navigating through life with greater ease and joy. 

Explore your Intuitive gifts, along with other supportive, like minded individuals and: 

*Connect to the Spirit Realm

*Build your intuitive muscles in a non judgmental atmosphere

*Experience various ways to connect

*Find success and deepen trust within yourself

This fun and inspiring class meets every other Thursday evening 6:30-8pm 

Member $15 

Non-Members $20  

Open to all levels


SPIRIT- An Evening of Mediumship


Ever wonder what your Loved One's, Guides and Angels would say, if given the opportunity?

Join Jen Keefe as she connects you to those in Spirit who love you unconditionally and wish to support you on your life path.

*An intimate gathering - limited to 6 guests

*Receive guidance, messages and/or validations

*Gain insight about the Spirit Realm

*An uplifting and inspiring event

Members $25

Non-Members $30