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Happy Healing Arts

Healing arts, wellness & Retreat center in Norfolk, MA.

Healing arts, wellness & Retreat center in Norfolk, MA.

Healing arts, wellness & Retreat center in Norfolk, MA.Healing arts, wellness & Retreat center in Norfolk, MA.


Looking for a memorable occasion that  everyone will enjoy? Host your own Paint Parties here at Happy Healing Arts, and your guests will have so much fun, with, or without any prior art experience! 

For parties of 2, or more guests. 

You decide the date and time of your event, and we'll take care of the rest! Space is limited, reserve your Paint Party today!


Paint Parties

Fluid Art Paint Party


You and your guests will have so much fun at our Fluid Art Paint Parties with, or without any prior art experience!

At Happy Healing Arts, your art is your own personal self expression, so your painting will be as unique and amazing as you are!

Our Paint Parties typically begin with a short guided meditation to help you to intuitively select your paint colors. The meditation is followed by easy, step, by step art instruction.

When your painting is complete, your host will intuitively "read" the energy of your painting (optional), and bring through information  or guidance that is relevant to your life. 

All Fluid Art Paintings are applied on canvas and once dry, will be ready for pick up (usually takes 2 days to dry). 

Schedule your own Fluid Art paint party for your next special occasion, at your time of choice (based upon availability). ABSOLUTELY NO ARTISTIC ABILITIES NEEDED! 

A  Paint Party is perfect for:

*Birthday parties

*Girls night out

*Bachelorette parties

*Relationship Building

*After work socializing

*Date night

*Family and social gatherings

75 mins 

Members $25

Non-Members $30


Couples Fluid Art


With your significant other, you will create a beautiful and meaningful work of art, by combining your shared artistry into one amazing painting (or 2 smaller separate paintings, if you prefer).

What you can expect when you arrive?

Class typically begins with a short guided meditation, followed by, step by step Fluid Art instruction. When your painting is complete, your host will "read" the energy of your painting (optional), and bring through information and guidance that relates to your life and or partnership.

Fluid Art Paintings are applied on canvas and once dry, will be ready for pick up (usually takes 2 days to dry).

We offer a variety of canvas sizes to work with, and may be able to accommodate a custom request with advance notice. 

Members $50 per couple

Non-Members $60 per couple

This art class is perfect for:

*Date Night

*Engagement Gift

*Wedding Gift

*Anniversary Gift

*Housewarming Gift

*Relationship Building/Bonding


Members $50 Non-Members $60

This art class/ paint party is perfect for:

*Date Night

*Engagement Gift

*Wedding Gift

*Anniversary Gift

*Housewarming Gift

*Relationship Building/Bonding

*Parent/Child Bonding


Mandala Dot Art Paint Party

Mandaa Dot Art Paint Party

Our Paint Parties for Mandala Dot Art are easy, meditative, fun and just a little addictive! 

You and your guests will learn to draw your own Mandala, and paint it with beautiful colored dots to create intricate geometric compositions.

 *Learn how to draw your own Mandala

*Learn the basics of how to make uniform, circular dots in various sizes 

* Learn how to layer the colored dots to create 


*Work on a frameable substrate to create your beautiful design.

90 mins 

Members $25

Non-Members $30


Create a Crystal Mandala

Crystal Mandala, Crystal Grid

No painting involved at this party, but you can create a beautiful  and powerful piece of art for yourself, or a meaningful gift. for that special someone in your life!

In this class, you will learn to create a Crystal Mandala using Sacred Geometry. 

Sacred Geometry is an ancient and powerful, spiritual tool that can be used for many different purposes such as setting life intentions, manifesting goals/dreams,  enhancing meditations, and more. 

In this art class you will:

*Learn how to create your own energetic Crystal Mandala

*Intuitively choose your own crystals to place on  your Mandala

*Initiate and activate your highest goals & intentions. 

*Gain insight for yourself

*Learn how to Charge your Mandala to activate.

*Leave with your grid fully charged, matted and ready to be framed. Display in your sacred space, home or office, and use it in your meditations.


2 hours 

Members $55

Non-Members $60 

Limited to 6 guests


Art Journaling


Art Journaling is a great tool for self discovery and self expression. You can come back again, and again, while always learning something new! In these Art classes, you will allow yourself to focus on shapes, images, colors, patterns and words from magazines, to use as the foundation of your art. 

You will then develop your artwork by incorporating paint, various brush strokes, textures, writing, etc. This type of expression reveals insight and becomes a beautiful piece of art created by you! 

You can come to these painting classes alone, or bring friends for a paint party.

All supplies and materials included.

90 minutes

Members $20

Non-Members $25




How do I reserve time for a private Paint Party?

To reserve your date and time, please follow this link and book your reservation in the online appointments section.

What is the cancellation policy for private parties?

Party cancellations 7, or more days prior to your scheduled booking, will receive a full refund. If you have to cancel anytime closer to your booking date, you will have the option of store credit (excludes merchandise), or you can simply reschedule your party.

Can I bring my own food and beverages?

You are more than welcome to bring your own food and non alcoholic beverages to your Paint Party, just let us know in advance, so we can prepare a snack station away from the paint area. 

What should we wear?

Paint can be messy, so it is highly recommended to wear clothing that you don't mind getting a little painty. Many people bring an old t-shirt to throw over their dress clothes.

Can kids participate in Paint Parties? 

Absolutely, we welcome all ages! Kids under 16 must be accompanied by an adult (Please see our Policy Page)

Fundraiser, Party, or Event at your own location


Hosting  a Fundraiser, Birthday Celebration, Girl's Night Out, Bachelorette Party, or Team Building Event, at your own location, in or around the Norfolk/Medway/Foxborough area? 

With advance notice, we can bring the FUN to you! 

Through consultation, we can put together the perfect package of art classes, painting classes and/or other services for your special occasion, to help you create a successful and meaningful experience, with long lasting memories! 

Happy Healing Arts loves to support the community by participating in Fundraisers and Charity events. We will donate 10% of our profits to your local cause. Contact us for more information: JenKeefe@HappyHealingArts.com