Workshops & Retreats

At Happy Healing Arts,  you can choose a workshop, or retreat that allows you the extra time to explore your inner world, connecting you to your authentic self on a deeper level. Whether it's a workshop, or retreat, you will find each one has a spiritual connection (body, mind, spirit) and they are all Art and Heart based.  In this creative, nurturing and sacred space, beautiful opportunities unfold for self expression,  paving the way for healing, growth and prosperous joy! 

The Benefits

Why the Healing Arts?

In todays busy world it can be difficult to remain positive, peaceful and present. As we participate in Healing Arts wellness services, practices and retreats we are able to tap into a deeper level of ourselves, which helps us to express and release our emotions, thoughts and feelings in a very gentle way. This (verbal, or non-verbal) expressive communication allows us to open up more fully to experience a happier life. 

Everyone can benefit from Healing Arts wellness services, especially when practiced consistently. But, did you know that aside from greatly improving your physical, mental and emotional states, these practices  can also help with many disorders, diseases and disabilities?

Healing Arts wellness services have been shown to improve the lives of people with dementia, depression, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety, bipolar disorder, chronic pain, cancer, MS and more. These practices are also highly beneficial in helping to improve social skills for those who might be more withdrawn, or shy. As you can see, the benefits from the Healing Arts wellness services are pretty expansive.

*Reduce Stress

*Promote relaxation

*Helps to relieve pain

*Helps restore memory

*Improves the immune system

*Clears and balances the chakra system

*Helps with depression and anxiety

*Helps with insomnia

*Helps treat symptoms of imbalance

*Accelerates the bodies ability to self heal

*Balances the mind and emotions to better cope with daily life

*Helps to improve social skills

*Helps with finding life purpose and meaning

*Opens your intuition and spiritual awareness

*Opens you to more creativity and inspiration

*Promotes overall wellbeing