At Happy Healing Arts,  our workshops, or retreats allow you the extra time to explore your inner world, connecting you to your authentic self and higher awareness, on a deeper level. Whether it's a workshop, or retreat, you will find each one is Art and Heart based with a spiritual connection.  In this creative, nurturing and sacred space, beautiful opportunities unfold for self expression,  paving the way for healing, growth and prosperous joy! 

Workshops & Retreats

Mix & Match Mini Retreat


Let us take care of you. 

Our Mix & Match Mini Retreats can be scheduled on most Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays, between 9:30am-12pm.

Mix and Match for 1 person:

Mix 1 hour of Reiki with any other 1 hour service. We can book it as back to back appointments at a discounted rate. Total appointment time: 2 hours

Members $120

Non-Members $125


Mix & Match for 2 people:

Bring a friend and mix 1 hour of Reiki with 1 hour of any other service. While one person receives Reiki, the other experiences their service of choice, then you swap, so each party receives Reiki and other service of choice.

Total appointment time: 2 hours

Members $194

Non-Members $199


Art with Heart


Healing from the loss of a loved one can be a long and painful journey, but what if it doesn't have to be? What if you could experience your loved one's presence in a different way and build a relationship with them, based on their energetic presence, rather than their physical presence?

The truth is, your loved one hasn't gone anywhere, they have merely changed form, from physical being to spirit being.

They still want to communicate with you, they want to help you heal, and they want to support you in life!

In this powerful, healing retreat, we will reconnect you to your loved one's energy, through guided meditation, journaling and art. We will talk about the communication process,  how to be more open to receive, and how you can tap into their loving energy at anytime. 

During this retreat, you will receive a Mediumship reading and Reiki to support you, and you'll leave with a beautiful piece of art that honors your loved one and your new beginning together. 

*Please bring a (copied) favorite photo of the loved one you are reconnecting with for your art project. All other supplies included. 

Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a light lunch & snack.

*Let us know in advance if you have any particular food allergies.


Members $70

Non-Members $75


2020 Vision Retreat



With the year 2020 upon us, it is time to release what no longer serves you and look ahead to create your amazing future. This is the time to get clear on what it is you truly want to manifest into your life this coming year and beyond- then get those visions out of your mind and onto a canvas. 

Join us as we guide you through  meditation to shift your mindset into manifest mode, and connect you with your higher awareness for clarity. We will utilize journaling exercises to move from the mind,  into the heart, and create a beautiful vision board to reflect your abundant future. 

Reiki will be provided to each participant as well as to "amplify" our intentions. 

This is a goal setting vision board day to manifest your best in 2020 and beyond! 

You will leave with a refreshed energy and optimism about the year ahead- as well as your very own vision board on canvas. What happens after, will amaze you!

All supplies & materials included, but you are free to bring your own photos/materials, for any specific manifesting goals that you would like to incorporate into your project.

Please wear comfortable clothing and bring a light lunch & snack.

*Let us know in advance if you have any particular food allergies.


Members $45

Non-Members $50



Create a Crystal Mandala


Create a beautiful  and powerful piece of art for yourself, or as a gift for that special someone in your life!

In this class, you will learn to create a Crystal Mandala using Sacred Geometry. 

Sacred Geometry is an ancient and powerful, spiritual tool that can be used for many different purposes such as setting life intentions, manifesting goals/dreams,  enhancing meditations, and more. 

In this art class you will:

*Learn how to create your own energetic Crystal Mandala

*Intuitively choose your own crystals to place on  your Mandala

*Initiate and activate your highest goals & intentions. 

*Gain insight for yourself, begin to manifest your dreams and more! 

*Learn how to Charge your Mandala to activate.

*Leave with your grid fully charged, matted and ready to be framed. Display in your sacred space, home or office, and use it in your meditations.


2 hours 

Members $60   

Non-Members $65


Art & Soul


You know that little voice inside? It speaks to you in many different ways to help you navigate life with ease, but it can be very subtle, and sometimes almost undetectable. However, when you take the time to tune in, it's messages become very clear! 

In this art class, we will use a collage technique to "turn up the volume" on what your inner voice has been trying to tell you. You will leave this class with a beautiful frame worthy piece of art, as well as spiritual guidance and insight from your soul's perspective. 



90 mins 

Members $25   

Non-Members $30