God's Love letter and an Open Door to Oneness

God's Love letter and an Open Door to Oneness


September 14th, 2019 was a strikingly memorable day for me. I was alone in my little Art & Wellness Center. My last client had just left, so I began looking around the room for things to do with the remainder of my time there. I could sense a longing for downtime, so I unfurled my yoga mat and lost myself in some much-needed stretching and breathing exercises.

Some time had lapsed, and my muscles gave way to relaxation, my body becoming one with the mat. As I lay there with my eyes closed in this altered state, I must have unwittingly opened the channel to higher consciousness.

Suddenly, a surge of energy ran through my body, abrupt and assertive yet gentle at the same time, guiding me to grab a pen and a piece of paper and do it quickly. From the energy building in my Throat Chakra, I knew a channeled message was coming. This time, it felt different. I had worked in the metaphysical world for years, channeling messages from Spirit, but typically, I would be the one to initiate each interaction. I can only recount two other times in my history of working with the energies that I experienced anything close to this, and each goes back to my days of table-tipping. The difference was, in those days, I was searching for experiential channeling. This time, I was merely participating in an ordinary everyday activity. At least, that was my only intention.

As I rushed to grab the writing implements, I remember the words pouring out of me faster than I could sit down to write them and the difficulty catching up with them once I sat down. Tears streamed down my face uncontrollably as I felt that indescribable love flow through every cell of my being. It was clear to me that I was in the presence of God. 

The following is the transcript from that fateful day:

I am always with you my child, even when you don’t feel me near. Always connected by a single gold thread. Think of the tapestry and all the threads interwoven together- creating a beautiful masterpiece of art. We are ONE. When you call my name, I am always by your side. Your Guide, your Teacher, your Guardian Angel, whatever it is you wish to call me.
I am teaching you to be brave, to reach for more. I am healing you of old experiences that have robbed you of life. I am building you up from the most solid foundation to reflect Me and My Love at every turn.
Your heart reflects My heart, and My heart reflects Yours!
Think about what it is you truly want in this lifetime, and I will bring it to you. That is how much I Love You, and this is My Love Letter to you.
~ Jesus

Before I had the chance to make myself comfortable in the experience, that brief but beautiful moment had passed. I sat there in awe as I collected myself while processing the scribbled text that was just eagerly expressed through my hand. I read it over and over as I studied every detail. Then, the rational side of my brain tried to gloss over and deny me the experience. Fortunately, my heart knew better, especially as it was becoming evident that this message was not exclusively for me but one I would share with others someday.

As time passed, every so often, I would re-read and think about the significance of this message as it had touched me in a way that no other had before. It could have been in the delivery or just what I needed at that particular time. Whatever the case, it had forever changed me on the inside, with an energetic ripple outward that had unstoppable momentum.

God's love letter and message of oneness suddenly made me feel whole. His words of generosity rang through my heart as truth and gave me hope in times of hopelessness. It was a game changer in boosting my optimism and a powerful reminder to be brave, reach for more, and reflect God's love at every turn. His message marked the end of the old me, giving way to the emergence of a different side of myself, one I had not met yet.

Unbeknownst to me, His love letter would lead me on an adventure of oneness with Him and an extraordinary gift of abundance I could have never anticipated.

To be continued.

I am just a messenger and could never do justice in delivering this message. However, I share my experience with you to give context and do my best to convey the energy. But, now that the Love Letter has reached your hands, I wonder -What do you feel as you read His words?

"Your Happiness is Within Reach!"

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