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"The Art of Happiness (it's an inside job)" Coloring Book

"The Art of Happiness (it's an inside job)" Coloring Book

"The Art of Happiness (it's an inside job)" Coloring Book

happiness, self help coloring book for young adults

"The Art of Happiness (it's an inside job)", is an instructional, self help, coloring book that takes you on an 8 week journey of life transformation. 

It includes an easy, step by step guide, along with introspective questions to help you identify limiting beliefs, patterns and behaviors that may be standing in your way of feeling true happiness, and guides you to replace these "old habits" with proven, techniques that create lasting change. This alternative and holistic approach to healing through self care, combines Sacred Geometry, which holds the power of intention with beautiful, positive affirmations, and when used repeatedly and consistently together, help to reprogram years of prior conditioning. 

Creating change isn't always easy, it usually takes work and perseverance to achieve good results. "The Art of Happiness (it's an inside job)" is a simple, but effective wellness tool that was created to turn this "work" into play, so you can have fun, and enjoy the journey, as you learn to create the lasting happiness you deserve!

About the Author:

Happiness is an emotion that everyone deserves a life filled with, but happiness does not always come easy to some.

In fact, genetic personality traits and years of collective conditioning (negative thoughts, patterns &  behaviors, fears, false and limiting beliefs) , can prove to be some of the biggest hurdles in life. 

Through Jen's awareness from working in the healing arts, and perseverance in overcoming her own challenges, she learned and developed specific and proven tools to overcome these obstacles and establish a life full of meaning, fulfillment and joy.

Jen is honored to share these tools with you, and encourages you on this path to elevate your life (no matter where you are) with real and achievable results! 

A limited supply of these products are available for purchase at our Norfolk location, or otherwise can be ordered and delivered to you quickly.

Happy Healing Arts Oracle Deck

"The Art of Happiness (it's an inside job)" Coloring Book

"The Art of Happiness (it's an inside job)" Coloring Book

Happy Healing Arts oracle cards for card readings

Our colorful, 44 card oracle deck is packed with inspirational words that can help you navigate your daily life. If you are already familiar with Oracle/Tarot cards, you can use them to create a spread for guidance, or use them to compliment your other, more traditional card decks. 

If you are a novice, these cards can be a great addition to your wellness and self care practices. Simply choose a few cards to contemplate during the day, or in a meditation, and be open to receiving through your intuition.

As a bonus, this deck comes with 7 major Chakra cards!

To order your deck, please email jenkeefe@happyhealingarts.com