Nature Meditation

Nature Meditation

When feeling overwhelmed or overstimulated, retreating to nature can be very healing and clearing to your energy.

While there, you can practice a nature meditation. All this entails is bringing your awareness to your external senses and spending time with each experience.

  • What does the air feel like against your skin? Do you feel the warmth of the sun shining down upon you?
  • What scents can you smell?
  • Can you hear the birds chirping, critters rustling in the leaves, the sound of water trickling from a brook in the distance?
  • Bring your attention to the beautiful sights nature has to offer. Perhaps even observing things such as leaves or moss up close. When you continue to focus on a specific item or experience, it enriches the meditative state.

If you can't get out in nature, try our "In the Flow" Meditation. It's low-budget and simple, but effective. Keep your focus on the
gentle sound of the river flow, or allow the tranquil music to take you away.

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