Terrariums - Nature in a Jar

Terrariums - Nature in a Jar

Like gardening, creating a Terrarium can feel very rewarding and satisfying. These little indoor nature gardens do require some maintenance but can be nearly care-free as they rely on their own eco-system. 

The therapeutic benefits gained from nature are great. Studies have shown that merely being around plants can reduce stress, help with anxiety and may even contribute to faster healing.

Here's what you'll need:

  • a jar (top is optional)
  • charcoal
  • stone gravel
  • potting soil
  • sheet moss
  • plants (make sure they tolerate the same moisture and light conditions)
  1. Place a small pile of charcoal in the center of the bottom of your jar
  2. Place your stone gravel around the charcoal and then layer a little more stone gravel over the charcoal
  3. Layer your soil over the stone gravel
  4. Arrange your plants where you want them and fill in with added soil as needed
  5. Gently tamp down the soil to make sure your plants are securely in place
  6. Layer your sheet moss around your plants
  7. Water thoroughly without drenching 
  8. Put your lid on the jar (if you have one)

Enjoy your beautiful terrarium!

The amount of watering will depend on your plants needs and whether or not your jar has a lid

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