Winter Seed Sowing

Winter Seed Sowing

Winter seed sowing is a great little project if you're looking for nature-related things to do in the colder months. It also instills hope, bringing you something to look forward to in the spring. 

Many plants benefit from this type of sowing, but I especially recommend Native plants. They need this time outdoors in the colder temperatures to germinate. They also attract pollinators and birds that are native to your area.

What you will need:

  • Seeds of choice
  • A plastic tote (can substitute with an upcycled gallon size plastic water jug by cutting the container almost in half, leaving a hinge by the handle)
  • (optional) Peat pots
  • Organic potting soil
  • Coarse untreated sand (if sowing Native plant seeds) or Vermiculite (optional)
  • Spray bottle with water

  1. If using a plastic tote, drill holes (using a 1/4 drill bit) in the top of your tote for watering and in the bottom of your tote for good drainage. 
  2. Fill your pots with soil or put a layer of soil directly into the tote at least 2-3" high.
  3. Lightly tamp down on the soil
  4. Water the soil making sure it's moist but not water logged.
  5. Plant your seeds according to instructions typically on the back of your seed packet.
  6. If your using Native seeds, you might need to lightly sprinkle over the seeds with coarse sand or vermiculite.
  7. Spray the planted seeds with water from your spray bottle.
  8. Cover the tote snapping the top in place.
  9. Place outside and allow nature to take care of the rest.
  10. When spring arrives and there's no more danger of frost, you can uncover your tote and plant your seedlings in the ground. 

You may want to check on the seeds occasionally if there's a dry spell and give them a little water, but other than that, they should be all set.

*If using an upcycled container, you won't need the cap. Puncture a couple of small holes around the top and 6-7 small holes on the bottom. Fill the bottom with at least 3" of moist soil. Plant your seeds. Spray with water bottle. Then tape the container back together with duck tape and place it outside.

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