How to Prepare for Your Remote Appointment

When you book your appointment, make sure to fill out the consultation/intake form provided. 

  • Your session will begin promptly at your specified appointment time
  • If you cannot make your appointment, please contact us 24 hours in advance to cancel or reschedule
  • (For Energy Healing services) Prepare a space in your home in advance that is conducive to relaxation (soft music, dim lighting, free from distractions)
  • Make the most of your appointment and begin to settle into your space a few minutes before start time
  • We will call you at the start of your appointment to speak briefly about your consultation/intake form and get right into your selected service
  • (For Energy Healing services) After our phone call, give yourself permission to use this dedicated time to rest and relax deeply
  • (Optional) After your session, you can take all the time you want or need in this restful state to continue to integrate the energy work.
  • (For Energy Healing services) Shortly after your appointment has ended, you will receive a text or an email (whichever you specified on you consultation form). This will contain a brief overview of the work that was done as well as any pertinent information that came up during the session. You'll also receive a photo of the randomly selected word cards that correlate with your session.

If you have any questions or anything you would like to discuss after your session, we are always happy to connect and are available via phone call, text, or email. Our response time is typically a few hours, but please allow us a 24-hour window of opportunity to get back to you.


7 Reviews

Chantal Dore

09 March 2022

09 March


Unbelievable experience. Would highly recommend the reiki treatment!

Kathleen Anderson

14 January 2020

14 January


I enjoyed the pleasant surprise of how my liquid art transformed and resonated with me on such a spiritual level that I can hardly wait to return, hopefully on ...
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Kind Words


I've had the pleasure of knowing and working with Jen Keefe both in-person and remote for several years. My Reiki sessions focus on balancing my energy bringing out an overall sense of well-being by aligning my body, mind & spirit. She also shares her insights and guidance through channeled messages that are supportive and always offer clarity. Her gift is obvious! Jen's gentle, warm, compassionate nature was evident from our first meeting. As a client, I've always felt at ease, honored, and supported. Jen has played an instrumental role in my spiritual path and continues to empower me as the creator on my unique journey.

Mar 30, 2023

Jen's readings are the most tender, compassionate, accurate and thoughtful readings I have ever had. She really takes her time to get in touch with the guidance all around us, and most importantly, helps me access the guidance that's always been within. I have enjoyed every reading we've had together!

Mar 30, 2023
Steven Flattery

What an amazing experience. i highly recommend doing this.

Mar 30, 2023