Happy Healing Arts

Alternative Healing Therapies in Milford, MA

Happy Healing Arts

Alternative Healing Therapies in Milford, MA

Why Choose Us

Transformational Services
Be Inspired

Be inspired by the many opportunities for growth, increased happiness, and possibility through our Intuitive Life Coaching sessions, transformational workshops, and alternative healing therapies available online and by phone.


Imagine the greater sense of self you will discover, as you work with our Intuitive Life Coach and incorporate our alternative healing therapies, that help you overcome challenges and expand your levels of happiness opening you to your limitless potential.

Transform Your Life

Happy Healing Arts provides a nurtured experience with wisdom, empowerment, and momentum. A powerful combination that opens the doors to a happiness transformation and healing in dramatic but gentle ways, shifting you toward your highest dreams & goals.

The Benefits
Benefits of Participating in Our Intuitive Life Coaching and Alternative Healing Therapies

It can be challenging to remain positive, peaceful, and present in today's busy world. As we participate in alternative healing therapies and learn happiness skills, we can tap into a deeper level of ourselves, which helps us gently express and release our emotions, thoughts, and feelings allowing us to open up more fully to experience the life we truly desire. Our alternative healing therapies with happiness skills are life-changing when practiced consistently. Some benefits you might receive:

  • Stress Reduction
  • Promotes Relaxation
  • Pain Relief
  • Boosted Immune System
  • Decreased Depression and Anxiety
  • Insomnia Relief
  • Helps treat symptoms of imbalance
  • Accelerates the bodies ability to self heal
  • Balances the mind and emotions to better cope with daily life
  • Helps to improve social skills
  • Helps with finding life purpose and meaning
  • Opens your intuition and spiritual awareness
  • Opens you to more creativity and inspiration
  • Promotes overall wellbeing
Life Coaching - Alternative Healing Therapies
What We Offer

Happy Healing Arts provides Intuitive Life Coaching and alternative healing therapies, classes, and events with proven happiness skills designed to enrich your life and move you forward in creating the happy and abundant life your soul came here to live.

By integrating fun and inspiring alternative healing therapies, we can help you reduce stress and elevate your mood by teaching you the tools to create a happy, intentional, and fulfilling life!

Intuitive Life Coaching

Intuitive Life Coaching can be beneficial on many levels, as it incorporates alternative healing therapies with proven happiness skills to help you lead a healthier, happier and more fulfilling life. You are much more powerful than you may realize, and our Intuitive Life Coaching sessions will empower you and help align you to your natural, joyful state of being. By consistently raising your vibration, you attract the very best that life has to offer. 

All of our services are nurturing and confidential. We'll work together to enhance your life according to your internal compass, helping you to realize your highest goals and dreams. (Alternative Healing Therapies)


Reiki (Ray-key) is a multi-fac eted spiritual energy or Universal energy channeled through the practitioner to you in a very gentle way. Known as a form of Energy Healing, Reiki helps with relaxation/ stress reduction, meditation practices, inner growth, and relationship with self and others. It can activate self-healing on many levels and is a very effective treatment used in conjunction with other medical or holistic practices to relieve side effects and promote recovery. 

Energy Healing Services

Bars Access Consciousness is a set of energy healing tools and pro cesses developed to help you achieve higher awareness in a non-judgmental way, increasing your overall happiness. Once your energy is activated, 32 points on the head are lightly touched in succession. Old ideas and beliefs that no longer serve you begin to fall away, opening you up to more possibilities and life. 


Mediumship is a practice where the Medium will use developed intuitive abilities to facilitate communication with those in the Spirit realm, delivering messages, guidance, or other validations to you. The Medium may also use psychic senses to tune into the energy around you, bringing through pertinent information such as the past, present, or future events that may be relevant to your healing process, overall well-being, and happiness.