The Art of Happiness (It's an Inside Job)

The Art of Happiness (It's an Inside Job)


"The Art of Happiness (it's an inside job)" is an instructional, self-help coloring ebook that takes you on an eight-week journey of gentle transformation. 

It includes an easy, step-by-step guide and specific questions to help you identify limiting beliefs, self-sabotaging behaviors, and negative thought patterns that may stand in your way of feeling true happiness. It guides you to replace "old habits" that no longer serve you with proven techniques to boost your optimism and create lasting positive change. 

This alternative approach to healing combines the power of Sacred Geometry and the energy of intention with positive reinforcement to help reprogram years of prior conditioning. 

Creating change can be challenging. It usually takes work and perseverance to achieve good results. "The Art of Happiness (it's an inside job)" is a simple but practical tool created to turn this "work" into play, so you can have fun and enjoy the journey as you learn to manifest the lasting happiness you deserve!

Transform your life in 8 weeks with this easy-to-follow guide & coloring ebook. Bring an end to self-limiting beliefs and self-sabotaging behaviors. Say goodbye to low emotions and negative thought patterns. Change how you feel and think to support the life you wish to create! 

Sacred Geometry can be found everywhere in naturally occurring shapes and structures. It's been thought by many to be the basic building blocks of our Universe, existing within all life forms. Sacred geometry is often called the "Language of the Universe" because it symbolizes the interconnection of all life. 

Its patterns are said to hold energetic codes that carry high vibrational frequencies, which can expand your consciousness and self-awareness, creating balance and harmony within yourself and the world around you.

The Sacred Geometry patterns in this ebook are hand-drawn and infused with the energy of intention for each week's topic to help facilitate healing in those areas of your life.

Affirmations are positive reinforcement tools this ebook provides to inspire your journey. 

"Transform your life in 8 weeks with this easy-to-follow guide & coloring book.  Bring an end to self-limiting and self-sabotaging behaviors. Say goodbye to low emotions and negative thought patterns."

This ebook is for you if you want to:

  • Feel happier
  • Become more mindful
  • Experience more peace
  • Gain new perspectives
  • Create more self-awareness
  • Eliminate Intrusive or recurring negative thoughts
  • Change your inner dialog
  • Stop self-sabotaging and limiting behaviors
  • Get out of a rut
  • Get unstuck / Get out of your own way
  • Learn to control your emotions
  • Create lasting happiness
  • Raise your vibration to create the life you deserve

About the author:

My name is Jen, and I've created this book because everyone wants to be happy. Unfortunately, happiness doesn't come easy to everyone. 


I struggled with mental health challenges for many years. Depression, anxiety, and intrusive negative thought patterns kept me from feeling happy and leading a fulfilling life. Fortunately, my path led me to work in the Healing Arts, where I learned and developed specific skills and energy practices to overcome these challenges and create a happy and abundant life. 

I'm honored to share these same practical tools with you 

and teach you how incredible life can be when you change how you feel and think, ultimately changing the world around you! 

"Your Happiness is Within Reach!"

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