Creativity- Air Dry Clay

Creativity- Air Dry Clay

Air-dry Clay can be fun and creative. The sky's the limit on what you can make. The best thing about air-dry clay is you don't need to fire it in a kiln.  

Purchase it pre-made or make your own then use your imagination and discover what's possible. (Air-dry clay is a little more fragile in it's finished state than kiln fired pottery and is better for decorative pieces rather than for utilitarian uses.) 

When creating any art, always keep in mind that it's not about the end result, it's about the process and journey.

Air-Dry Clay Activity:

  • Work the clay in your hands, and roll out if necessary (depending on what you decide to create)
  • If you are joining two pieces of clay together you will want to "score and slip". Score both sides that will be joined together with a needle tool or a tool that has an edge and add equal amounts of water (slip) to both adjoining sides before adhering them together.
  • (Optional) Add extra detail to your pieces with special stamping tools (as seen in photo) or create your own
  • Allow your clay to air-dry according to instructions
  • Paint, stain, or leave natural

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