Creativity-Fluid Art Painting

Creativity-Fluid Art Painting

There's no doubt, Fluid Art Painting is messy, but whether you're a seasoned artist or a beginner, fluid art is definitely fun! 

When creating any art, always keep in mind that it's not about the end result, it's about the process and journey.

Fluid Art Painting Activity:

  • Gather the materials needed (see diagram)
  • Set up your area by protecting the space and yourself from spills and make sure that everything you need is within reach 
  • Select the paint colors you want to use and mix them with glue (this is a non-toxic way of creating the cells), 1:2 ratio
  • (Optional) Place pushpins on each corner of the back of your canvas (this helps to keep your fingers out of the paint while your working)
  • Layer your paints in a large cup like you would for sand art
  • Simply pour your layered paint cup over the canvas- Or put your canvas face down on top of your layered paint cup and as you hold them together, flip them right-side-up. After waiting a moment or two, lift the paint cup and allow the paint to spread out over the canvas.
  • Tilt and rotate your canvas until the paint has covered it, or until you get your desired results

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