Creativity-Mandala Dot Art

Creativity-Mandala Dot Art

Mandala Dot Art is a meditative experience where typically, your attention is focused on the smaller details of your artwork, while occasionally looking at the bigger picture.

When creating any art, always keep in mind that it's not about the end result, it's about the process and journey.

What you will need:

  • Dotting Tools (Pinheads, and eraser-topped pencils work too)
  • Acrylic Paints
  • Paint Pallet with reservoirs
  • Surface to paint on (Card stock, canvas, rocks, etc.) 

Mandala Dot Art Activity:

  1. Grab a few of your favorite paint colors and pour a pea size amount of each color into a paint pallet dish
  2. Choose a couple of different-sized Dotting tools. 
  3. Holding the dotting tool vertically, dip the ball of the dotting tool into the paint, just about halfway
  4. Continue to hold the dotting tool vertically, pressing the ball of the dotting tool onto the surface you're painting, where you think it will look best
  5. Wipe the tool clean with a paper towel before re-dipping into the paint, and repeat until your mandala feels complete
  6. Have Fun:)

Mandala Dot Art can be used on a wide array of surfaces, including canvas, paper, and smooth rocks. Add beads for even more dimension.

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