Crystal Bowls for a Simple Sound Healing Meditation

Crystal Bowls for a Simple Sound Healing Meditation

Sound can influence our emotions and behaviors and has the potential to reach us on a cellular level. It has been used throughout the ages to help facilitate healing. 

Today the use of Sound Healing is said to improve sleep, decrease mood swings, lower blood pressure and stress levels, and help with ADD, emotional, and some immune system disorders. Many people report experiencing profound relaxation and expanded consciousness during a Sound Healing session. 

The etheric and soothing tones of the Crystal Bowls help to induce deep states of relaxation allowing you to relax, restore, rejuvenate, and promote self-healing.

This Simple Sound Healing Meditation requires one Crystal Bowl (any size) and one mallet.

  • Sit upright in a comfortable position, making sure your back is supported (you may want to sit on a cushion or yoga mat for added comfort)
  • With your bowl out in front of you on the floor, or if your bowl is small enough place it in your non-dominant hand. Gently strike the outside of your bowl with the mallet
  • Then with your mallet in an upright position, using light pressure, circle around the outside rim of your bowl. This causes the bowl to "sing"
  •  While focusing on the sound, allow your mind to wander for a bit
  • Then take time to tune into your inner self, noticing and sensations, feelings, random thoughts, etc.
  • End your meditation once you feel complete and notice how relaxed you feel.

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