Tibetan Bowls for a Simple Sound Healing Meditation

Tibetan Bowls for a Simple Sound Healing Meditation

Sound can influence our emotions and behaviors and has the potential to reach us on a cellular level. It has been used throughout the ages to help facilitate healing. 

Today the use of Sound Healing is said to improve sleep, decrease mood swings, lower blood pressure and stress levels, and help with ADD, emotional, and some immune system disorders. Many people report experiencing profound relaxation and expanded consciousness while participating in a sound healing. 

Sound Healing with the Tibetan Bowls reaches beyond the auditory experience. Their soothing tones help to induce deep states of relaxation, while their vibrations can provide a gentle sound massage for the body and mind.

If sound healing interests you, you only need one bowl and one mallet to work with. 

There are a few ways to experience a sound healing meditation but what I have found to be most helpful is the way I will describe here:

  • Lay down on a yoga mat, face up and make yourself as comfortable as possible. (You may want to drape a blanket over yourself if you get chilled easily)
  • Place your Tibetan Bowl on your chest, or abdomen (anywhere that it feels comfortable and secure - and won't slide off)
  • Take your mallet (a mallet similar to the one in photo) and strike the outside of the bowl
  • Focus your attention completely on the vibrations that flow through your body (each bowl has it's own sustain- how long it carries the sound vibration)
  • Once you don't hear the gong of the bowl and no longer feel the vibration, strike the bowl again with the mallet 
  • Continue this practice for as long as you feel content doing it and notice how much calmer and relaxed you feel. 

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