Dowsing with Dowsing Rods

Dowsing with Dowsing Rods

If your looking to dive a little deeper into the world of energy, Dowsing might be something for you to try. Dowsing is considered by many to be a form of mediumship and is sometimes referred to as divining. Dowsing for anything is an adventure. It can be interesting, exciting, and fun. 

All you need for this type of Dowsing is a pair of Dowsing Rods or a Y-shaped branch. If you're planning to dowse for items located in the earth like water, minerals, etc. follow these steps:

  1. Begin by stating your intention (it's ok to do this silently in your mind).
  2. Hold your dowsing rods or L-Rods by the shorter ends, with the long ends facing out. If you're using a Y-shaped branch, hold it at the top of the Y with one hand on each side. The bottom of the Y (a single rod) should be facing out.
  3. Say out loud or silently, " show me where ___________(what you are looking for) is located".
  4. Walk at a very slow pace, covering the area of your choosing.
  5. The dowsing rods will cross over each other forming an X, when you have reached the location of what you're looking for (in some cases the rods will spread apart, either way, you will know you have reached your mark).

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